Monday, January 11, 2010

Baseball Christmas 2009

About thirty professional Baseball players came to the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus of Ritsumeikan University, which is in Kusatsu City, for the Baseball Christmas on December 6, 2009. No less than 23,000 baseball fans took part in the event. The players were all very famous players, such as Takahiro Arai in the team called Tigers, gathered from all 12 professional baseball teams. The Baseball Christmas is one of the biggest scale fan events for fostering contact between players and fans of the professional Baseball Organization, which takes place annually in Japan after the baseball season finishes. Additionally, this was the third event. The fans joining the event all enjoyed talking to the players, playing catch with them, and even playing small baseball with them.

I think this kind of sports event is very precious for fans, because there are few opportunities to have a close contact between players and fans. Therefore, it is the only time that fans can do something together with players and have fun together.


  1. Such a good event! The event was a precious time for fun, and they enjoyed with profesional baseball players. In addition, I think taking place like this event is effect of population of baseball players.

  2. wao what a big event it was!
    It is great that fans had a chance to do some activities with players :) They must be appriciation the experience.