Monday, December 14, 2009

A Truly Interesting Museum, Lake Biwa Museum

There is a museum I strongly recommend you to visit in Shiga Prefecture. I visited there to attend an educational lecture a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised that the galleries of the museum are so sophisticated and very modern. To be honest, this is because it was my first time to visit the museum, even though I have lived in Shiga since I was born there. There are numerous species of creatures from the lake on display.

For one of the activities the museum offers I could have an experience dissecting foreign fish like black basses or bluegills. It was initially too repulsive to anatomize such a slimy and stinky fish, but as soon as I cut the fish’s abdomen to open it, I found the complex viscera and noticed that the heart was still slightly moving. At that time, I could finally understand why the experiment of an anatomy was one course of the educational workshops. I could learn how important life is through the anatomical experiment. It is truly important not only for me but also for anyone to realize the importance of life.

Furthermore, there are more exhibitions shown, such as ancient fossils of extinct creatures, endangered species, and model buildings of old-time living.
Just visit Lake Biwa Museum, and you will understand what I mean.

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  1. Some foreing fish were brought to the lake and propagated themselves. Native fish is in danger now. We have to think the way to protect them from foreign fish.

  2. Yes, I agree with Hidenori. Black bass are a big problem in my area, too. Does this museum have any displays on how to eradicate these exotic species causing trouble?

  3. We should protect them,and we should offer to become a livable area for fish.

  4. Yes, I also agreee with Mr. Volker and Hide! In my hometown, there are some activities which we have to catch a Black bass!!

  5. As i like watching fossils, i would like to visit there. Fossils teach us lots of important things. Like histories and our bodies as well.
    Your city has lots of good places.